India grows into a more confident and prosperous nation, it faces unique security challenges.
On top of that our infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace. Security infrastructure has however not kept up with this growth. What India needs today is security solutions designed especially for Indian conditions. That incorporate the world`s best technology while ensuring that the special requirements of our country are taken care of.
We have dedicated it to fulfilling this need. By providing professional service combined with state-of-the-art technology. By creating customized solutions for different business verticals. And above all by ensuring that everyone in India has access to the best that the world of electronic surveillance has to offer.
Think of a security surveillance challenge and chances are that we already have the answer. Our teams of professionals combine hard earned experience in the security business as well as in different business verticals. This has helped us create customized solutions that can meet there unique needs.
Railway Station
Unfortunately, we live in a world where every place where a large number of innocent citizens gather becomes a target for wrongdoers. Some aredangerous as terrorists; some are relatively harmless as pick- pockets. How does one then ensure the safety and security of such a large multitude? How does one identify threats and neutralize them from among thousands of faces? And how does one do all this by causing the least amount of inconvenience to the innocent? A judicious mix of intelligence, surveillance and human agents are essential to achieve this.
Tourist Bus
School Bus
Shipping Lines and Yachts
Securing moving targets is far more challenging than securing normal ones because; people are exposed to unexpected risks and unpredictable dangers on the move. A safe perimeter does not exist. Security specialist need to use specialized technology and techniques to ensure that even on the move, they can provide that highest standards of security and safety.
Private Houses & Villas
Apartments & Flats
Things that are most precious, the people we love and care about, the things that we have collected through our lives. These are the things that can be found in our homes. No wonder, securing one's home becomes one`s number one priority. Home security and automation comes with its unique challenges. On one hand the technology needs to be easy to use – especially for the elderly and the very young. On the other hand there can be no compromise in the quality of security cover offered.
Stock Market
Bank Vaults
ATM centres
Bank and financial institutions take responsibility for other people's wealth and assets. Fail-safe security therefore is of paramount importance for these organizations. From preventing robberies to checking fraud to combating phantom ATM withdrawals, smart yet durable solutions are needed at every step.
Nuclear Power Plant
Schools & Colleges
A nation grows on the foundation of its infrastructure. And India has witnessed tremendous growth in this sector in the last decade or so. Security solutions too need to keep place with this growth. From nuclear power plants to hospitals, bridges to educational institutions, all these have unique security challenges which need specialized solutions.
Shopping Malls
Super Markets
To grow, every business needs a safe and secure environment. But the security challenge that every business faces is unique depending on the business vertical or geographical region or even on the size of the business. Surveillance covers for business operations therefore have to be customized to meet these individual needs.
4/8/16 Channel 19" LCD Combo DVR
4CH Full D1 Mobile DVR
4CH Cost Effective ATM DVR
4CH Full D1 Forensic DVR
1/2/4 Channel H264 Mini-box Network Video Server
1/4/8/16 Channel H264 Network Video Server
2/4 Channel H264 Full-D1 Network Video Server
4 Channel Standalone Network Video Decoder
4/8/16 Channel HD Standalone NVR      
4/8/16 Channel DSP Compression Card
4/8/16 Channel PCI-E DSP Compression Card
8 Channel Full D1 H264 Compression Card
8/16 Channel H264 Compression Card
36x High Resolution WDR PTZ Dome Camera
6" High Speed PTZ Dome Camera
6" PTZ Dome Cameras
10x High Resolution Day/Night PTZ Mini Dome Camera
1.3 Megapixel CCD HD IP Camera
6" High Speed PTZ Dome Camera
6" PTZ Dome Cameras
10x High Resolution Day/Night PTZ Mini Dome Camera
1/3" CCD H264 Waterproof IR IP Camera
1/3" CCD H264 Dome IP Camera
1/3" CCD H264 Vandal-Proof IR IP Camera
18/26/36x H264 PTZ Dome IP Camera
1/4" CMOS H264 IP Camera
1/4" CMOS H264 LED's IP Camera
1/4" CMOS H264 Pan/Tilt IP Camera
H264 IP Module
High Resolution Day/Night WDR Camera
High Resolution Day/Night Camera
High Resolution Camera
High Resolution Waterproof IR LED Camera
High Resolution Mini Dome Camera
High Resolution Zoom Dome Camera
High Resolution Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera
High Resolution Vandal-Resistant IR LED Dome Camera
64 Channel Network Video Recorder 16 HDDs Network Storage    
Network Keyboard PTZ Control Keyboard    
Digital Surveillance System Pro Surveillance System Mobile Phone Surveillance System