An interactive whiteboard is a piece of hardware that looks much like a standard whiteboard but it connects to a computer and a projector in the classroom to make a very powerful tool. When connected, the interactive whiteboard becomes a giant, touch-sensitive version of the computer screen.
Instead of using the mouse, you can control your computer through the interactive whiteboard screen just by touching it with a special pen (or, on some types of boards, with your finger). Anything that can be accessed from your computer can be accessed and displayed on the interactive whiteboard, for example Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, photographs, websites or online materials.
Using special software included with the interactive whiteboard, you can also interact with images and text projected on the board: rearranging them, changing their size, colour, etc. This offers a much more interactive experience than using a standard whiteboard or using a data projector alone.

It's the perfect starting point
IWB materials are based on the tried and trusted, familiar methodology of published course books providing you with the perfect classroom tools to truly take your teaching into the digital age.

It is helpful and supportive
Comprehensive Teachers' Guides are complemented by extra notes and explanatory videos that are accessible through the software.

It is convenient and time-saving
Preparation time for class is reduced. The student's book, listening activities and texts, videos, language summaries and specially designed, interactive activities [flip chart] can all be displayed on the board. It is a 'one-stop-shop' - all your teaching resources available at the touch of a screen. You don't have to cue tapes ever again. You can even select any sentence from any listening and play it to the class by simply touching the screen.

It focuses students' attention
The heads-up approach means students focus together on the class theme. Giving instructions with visual support from the board helps save time as students quickly find the right place in their books. The students focus on the exact activity/book section on the interactive whiteboard.

It engages different types of learners
IWB materials bring together the benefits of a multiple-intelligence approach to language learning. Some students prefer to listen and absorb, others respond well to pictures, while others respond well to physical interaction. IWB materials support users with all these preferences through its rich multi-media content, audio-visual content and flipcharts involving a range of simple interactions, such as drag and drop, erase or write-in. Learning becomes more active and, therefore, more memorable.

It adds variety
IWB materials do not replace traditional teaching. They are tools that you have at your disposal to change the pace and focus of the class as required. They provide new and simple ways to present and practice grammar, skills work, pronunciation, vocabulary and videos. Classroom Management is made easier and feedback is more varied and effective.

Promethean: 78", 87" & 95" diagonal Size
IQ Board: 80" & 100" Diagonal Size
Interactive Device Unit is a portable device which can transform any flat surface including whiteboard, display, and even wall into interactive working place. Simply attach the device to any whiteboard or display, connect your PC and aim your projector, you instantly have an interactive platform. Pick up the signal pen which behaves like a mouse, you can now write in digital ink and control desktop applications directly from the board.

It lets you control computer applications and write digital notes on the display whilst your audience views the same notes projected onto a large screen.

Ideal for Auditoriums and Large Rooms
Connect the panel to your PC and LCD projector and control a lesson or presentation directly from a podium or desk and project onto a large screen.

Excellent Colours and Contrast
Conveniently placed on a desktop or lectern, the bright display provides more working space and a clear image with SXGA resolution that works well with high-resolution LCD projectors.

Intuitive and Powerful Software
The panel is equipped with the Software suite - intuitive interactive software that is all captured in an easy-to-master customizable toolbar.

Interact and Illustrate
It puts you in control of a powerful multimedia environment where you can interact with lessons and write over any application, image or video with digital ink.