SV Tech Infomatique is a technology marketing and ONE POINT OFFICE SOLUTION company with a committed after sales support team. Our corporate office is in Coimbatore and associate offices at entire Tamil Nadu & Kerala .Onsite project implementation and after sales support can be provided anywhere in South India.

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We offers a wide range of audio visual services and equipment, and audio visual systems integration has been one of its key areas of operation for many years. We have worked as audio visual systems integrators for various businesses, government organizations and other organizations. Our comprehensive technical knowledge about audio visual equipment and its operation allows us to provide a complete service including consultation, system design, audio visual system installation, training and service. The ability to provide such holistic service works as a key factor for our success as an audio visual systems integrator.
Our audio visual systems integration service can be extremely effective in improving your presentation capabilities, boosting workplace efficiency and communications, and maximizing performance.
Audio Visual Solutions
India grows into a more confident and prosperous nation, it faces unique security challenges.
On top of that our infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace. Security infrastructure has however not kept up with this growth.
What India needs today is security solutions designed especially for Indian conditions. That incorporate the world`s best technology while ensuring that the special requirements of our country are taken care of.
We have dedicated it to fulfilling this need. By providing professional service combined with state-of-the-art technology. By creating customized solutions.

Security Solutions
If you take a quick look around you, you will realize that the world is fast being enveloped in a technology wrap; the forerunner in the race is the rapidly expanding world of computers. The number of computers, Laptops, Note Books, Servers, networks and wired/wireless devices, Switches, Routers is constantly increasing.
We associated with world`s most leading partners for product and solutions for our clients. Their advanced development & solutions helping us to serve our clients faster, easier and perfection.

Computing Solutions
The word printer means different things in different fields of applications. Going by the generic meaning, a printer means one who is in the occupation of printing and publishing. It also means a device which prints out the results of data computed by computers, as applied to computers. In the celluloid world, it stands for devices used to copy and modify photos.
Computer printer transforms digitally stored documents of graphics or text data into paper/hard copies. Printers can be permanently interfaced with individual computers or can be anywhere in the network, invariably through network interfaces, either wired or wireless, so that any or all users can share for hard copy production. You will normally see a wired network in small areas known as LAN and wireless networks or Ethernets are over a wide area (WAN).
Printing / Copying / Scanning Solutions
As a leading enterprise communications provider, we delivers business communication solutions that truly shine above the rest. Entirely dedicated to enterprise communications, we offers one of the most complete portfolios of unified communications solutions individually tailored to satisfy its customers' requirements. With a strong focus on open standards, we enables enterprises to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.
Our intuitive and effective solutions consist of a full range of both traditional and open standard IP-based networking solutions including; PBX and IP-PBX communications systems, gateways, telephone terminals, VoIP endpoints, wireless products, as well as a full suite of advanced productivity software applications that includes Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions.
Communication Solutions
Videoconferencing uses audio and video telecommunications to bring people at different sites together. This can be as simple as a conversation between people in private offices (point-to-point) or involve several (multipoint) sites in large rooms at multiple locations. Besides the audio and visual transmission of meeting activities, allied videoconferencing technologies can be used to share documents and display information on whiteboards.
The core technology used in a videoconferencing system is digital compression of audio and video streams in real time. The hardware or software that performs compression is called a codec (coder/decoder). Compression rates of up to 1:500 can be achieved.

Audio Video Conferencing Solution